End-of-Support Info

End-of-Support Announcement for identiMetrics version 1

Learn how to upgrade to identiMetrics version 2 (it's free!)

What is end of support?

After 14 years, support for identiMetrics version 1 will end June 28, 2019. There will be no more updates, technical support or assistance with student promotions. It is very important that customers upgrade to identiMetrics version 2. Customers moving to the latest version will benefit from enhanced features, improved data management and security.

How do I upgrade to version 2?

The first step to upgrading is to schedule an Upgrade Planning Meeting. At the meeting we will give you a complete overview of how version 2 works; you will learn about specifications and we will schedule the install. Please bring a representative from your Technology department to this meeting.

  • Go to www.GOidM.com and click the “Schedule an Appointment” button.

  • Select “Upgrade Planning Meeting” as your service, then pick the day and time that works for you, (NOTE: all calendar appointments are in Eastern Time).

  • We will contact you at the designated day and time that you have selected.

What are the major features of version 2?

  • Enrollment & identification at any scan point

  • Simplified & automated End-of-Year (Rollover) management

  • One authoritative source of data at a central location

  • Manage and distribute student records among ALL your schools


How will our users be supported in the transition?

Although upgrading will have minimal impact on day-to-day users, we provide Training videos and Cheat Sheets for support.


Will I have to re-enroll my students when I upgrade?



How much will it cost to upgrade?

Nothing! Upgrading is included in your Annual Licensing and Support agreement.


Are there any restrictions to upgrading?

Yes. The start of the new school year means a higher volume of Customer Support incidents.  To maintain our high standard of Customer Support excellence during the busiest time of year, no upgrades will be scheduled mid-July through mid-September 2019. 

Upgrades are scheduled by appointment.  Upgrade appointments are based on availability.


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