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YES! Your biometric finger scanners are still the safest hygienic solution for student and staff ID management in your schools. 

Here’s science-based evidence so you’ll have the tools necessary to communicate with your parents, teachers, staff and students in order to make sound, science-based decisions.

Video: "It's safe to use your biometric finger scanners."

Watch time: 2 minutes

Watch a Harvard Professor discusses safely touching finger scanners during COVID-19 


In this excerpt, Dr. Joseph Allen, Assistant Professor Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health explains why touching finger scanners & surfaces is safe.

Check out the entire webinar, Healthy School Buildings: Evidenced-Based Choices in Safe School Openings. We highly recommend it!

Video: Safe Student ID Solutions During Covid-19

Watch time: 36 minutes 41 seconds


Invited as a guest hosted by our Partner in Hawaii, our Founder and CEO Dr. Jay Fry makes some terrific suggestions about using identiMetrics during a pandemic.

Make yourself a pineapple smoothie then watch the video.  It's kinda like being in Hawaii!  You might even hear ocean waves crashing in the back ground!

Video: "Just Tell Us What to Do!"

Watch time: 5 minutes 50 seconds

Hi Friends! It's Tina Dunphy at identiMetrics. 


For the past bunch of weeks, I’ve been talking to school administrators, like you, from all over the country. 

I thought that many of you would like to know what other schools are doing so I made a short video that will hopefully give you some ideas. As I learn more from your colleagues either in your own backyard or across this vast country of ours, I'll share what I find out. We're all in this together and I'm hear to help.

WHITE PAPER Biometrics: The Trusted Hygienic Solution for Students & Staff
Biometric Myth Busters - Finger Scanning is the Hygenic Choice for Schools
This article explains the cleanliness and safety of using biometric finger scanners and gives you some Best Practices along with some other helpful information.
Food Service Director and customer Heather wanted a one-pager to send home explaining to Parents that finger scanning is safe and hygenic.  She asked and we thought it was a great idea - we hope you do too!  Click here to get it.
Cleaning and disinfecting your Finger Scanners
Make sure you’re cleaning and disinfecting your finger scanners according to CDC guidelines. Learn More.

Clean, Dry, Scan

Video: Clean, Dry, Scan

Watch time: 47 seconds

According to the CDC, the COVID-19 virus does NOT spread easily by touching surfaces or 
objects and recommends using 70% alcohol solutions for use against the virus.  

It’s easy to clean your finger scanners with a spritz of an alcohol solution.  
Print out this handy dandy sign to hang by your finger scanners to illustrate the Clean, Dry, Scan protocol. Your finger scanners just may be the most hygienic spots your students and staff touch all day!
Shop for Finger Moisteners
Here are a few links where you can purchase the finger moisteners featured in the Clean, Dry, Scan video - Start shopping.

Biometric Conversion Kit

The perfect combination of accuracy, safety and security with the added convenience of mobility.

Turn your Windows tablets into biometric mobile devices instantly with our Biometric Conversion Kit.

Video: Biometric Conversion Kit

Watch time: 46 seconds

Imagine the possibilities...
  • For your breakfast program.
  • For your lunch program.
  • On your food trucks.
  • On your food carts.
  • Anywhere where mobility is required!

An outward facing biometric finger scanner lets you control the system while the user scans.

This mobility guarantees more effcient and faster scanning in ANY location.

You provide the Windows table...We provide the bracket and mount.

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