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YES! Your biometric finger scanners are still the safest hygienic solution for student and staff ID management in your schools. 

Here’s science-based evidence so you’ll have the tools necessary to communicate with your parents, teachers, staff and students in order to make sound, science-based decisions.

WHITE PAPER Biometrics: The Trusted Hygienic Solution for Students & Staff
This article explains the cleanliness and safety of using biometric finger scanners and gives you some Best Practices along with some other helpful information.
Cleaning and disinfecting your Finger Scanners
Make sure you’re cleaning and disinfecting your finger scanners according to CDC guidelines. Learn More.

Video: Clean, Dry, Scan

Watch time: 47 seconds

According to the CDC, the COVID-19 virus does NOT spread easily by touching surfaces or 
objects and recommends using 70% alcohol solutions for use against the virus.  

It’s easy to clean your finger scanners with a spritz of an alcohol solution.  
Print out this handy dandy sign to hang by your finger scanners to illustrate the Clean, Dry, Scan protocol. Your finger scanners just may be the most hygienic spots your students and staff touch all day!


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