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Announcing End-of-Support
for identiMetrics 
versions 2.3.X and below

Learn how to upgrade to the latest version of identiMetrics v2.5.1.1
It's Free!

As part of our ongoing investment in improving your user experience, we are announcing End-of-Support for any version of identiMetrics that is 2.3.x and below as of December 31, 2023.  Please make plans to upgrade if you are using any one of these versions.

By moving to the latest version, you will benefit from enhanced features, improved data management and a better user experience.
What does End-of-Support mean?
After December 31, 2023, identiMetrics will no longer provide technical support or assistance for identiMetrics versions that are 2.3.X and below. 

How do I upgrade?
Go to to get all the information on upgrading. 

What are the major benefits of upgrading?
•    Advanced Data Management Options
•    Streamlined Scanner Installation Process
•    Improved Error Messaging
•    Automated End-of-Year Process
•    Enhanced Quality of Enrollments
•    Automated Opt-Out Input
•    Updated Data Synch Process
•    Improved Error Log Messaging
How will our users be supported in the transition to the latest version?
Upgrading will have minimal impact on day-to-day users. Training and Cheat Sheets are always available and accessible on

Will I have to re-enroll my students when I upgrade?

How much will it cost to upgrade? 
Nothing! Upgrading is included in your Annual Licensing and Support Subscription. 

How do I tell know the version I am currently using?
Click this link to help on finding the version of identiMetrics.

What if I am already using the latest version? What should I do?
You don’t have to do a thing! However, we do recommend treating yourself to a big bowl of ice cream! 
How to Update
Here's the spot to get all the information you need to update your identiMetrics. Remember, updating is included in your Annual Licensing & Support - that means you always keep your identiMetrics evergreen.
Before you get started, please take a moment to read over the Tips & Considerations section below.  Access the Updater User Guide through the link.
Questions or concerns?  Please reach out to your team of Biometric Experts.  We are ready and willing to assist you!

Tips & Considerations

  • The update process must be run on ALL computers using identiMetrics. Make sure you can access and execute the update on all the computers before you begin.
  • Timing is EVERYTHING when updating.  During the update process scan point locations shut down.  Pick a time to update when you are certain that no one will be using the system.
  • Create a back-up of your biometric data before you begin.  Here's a Cheat Sheet to help you back-up.
  • You must start the update at your Top Level Service.
  • If you would like some assistance getting the update process started, please schedule a "HELP! I need tech support" appointment.  We are at your service.

Updater User Guide

  • Click on this link to access the Updater ​​User Guide.
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