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What is End-of-Year (EOY)?

End-of-Year (EOY) is a process that is run in identiMetrics that ‘promotes’ students from one grade to the next.  


When should EOY be run?

EOY should be run at the end of your school year - right after your last day of school.

Can I run EOY myself?

Yes!  identiMetrics provides Cheat Sheets to set-up EOY (if you haven’t already) and how to run EOY.  These Cheat Sheets are located in the End-of-Year section of

 If you need assistance, schedule an appointment on  Select “End-of Year (EOY) assistance” as your service.  A Biometrics Expert will call you on the day and time you selected. 

Do I need any special credentials to run EOY?

Yes.  You will need to have a User account set up with the role of either an Administrator or Manager to run EOY. 

For more info on creating User accounts and roles, check out the How to Create User Profiles Cheat Sheet in the Cheat Sheet area on 

I am ready to get started.  Where should I begin?

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