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Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance:

Send an email to if you have any questions about any of the ways to maintain the system. We will be more than happy to help out! 


Replace your scanner every 4 years for the most up to date scanners

Replace your scanners

The age of your scanner is important for optimal identification and enrollment!  We have some information to help you determine if your scanner is over 4 years old and may need to be replaced.

  1. Futronic Scanners: Serial Numbers start with FP0xxxxx through FP7xxxxx.

  2. Secugen Scanners: Serial Numbers start with H3xxxxxxxxxx through H62xxxxxxxxx.

  3. You notice your scanners are starting to perform differently i.e. fingers are harder to identify and enroll.

  4. Your Secugen Scanners are shaped like a tower (see picture on the right).

dont use hamster.png

Scanner Replacement FAQs

Q: Will I have to re-enroll all of my students if I get new scanners? 

A:   New scanners will not require you to re-enroll your students.

Q: Why should I replace my scanner if it is older than 4 years? 

A:  Finger Scanners, like a lot of other technology, have a finite lifespan. Using older finger scanners for enrollment can cause poor enrollments which cause poor identification.  Use and care can also factor in end-of-life for finger scanners.



Q: How does the age of my scanner affect enrolling (the enrollment process)?   

A:  There is the potential that an older scanner will not create an optimal enrollment template due factors such as scratches on the scanner plate or a weakened signal.  This introduces the potential that you may need to re-enroll those students at some point in their K-12 career. 


Q: What if I am unsure if I need new scanners or not? 

A: Let us know - we can help you evaluate your scanners. If you email us the serial number on the bottom of the scanner, we can look up the date originally purchased or shipped to you. We can also log onto a few computers to see if there are any signs of errors. Send us an email at


Q: Will the purchase of new scanners increase the cost of my annual licensing and support? 

A: No, purchasing new scanners will not increase your annual licensing and support because you are replacing an old scanner. You are not adding additional licensed software. 


 Q: Can I buy a replacement scanner and use it as a Scan Point? 

A: A Scan Point is licensed software plus a scanner. The replacement scanner is to replace a scanner on an existing installation of licensed software only.


Q: What do I do if I would like to purchase new scanners? 

A: Call 215-836-5640 X100 or email us at

Perform regular maintenance

Make sure your computers continue to meet our system requirements

  • Technology changes often. We update our system requirements periodically to reflect these changes. If you have an old computer, you may no longer meet our system requirements and that could cause issues while scanning. 

  • Re-installation is covered under licensing and support. We do all of the work and you can sit back and enjoy the process. 

  • Check out the most current system requirements to make sure that there will be no issues due to old operating systems or other possible preventable issues like disk space not being available anymore. 

Current System Requirements

Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Computers

Just like the age of your scanner being important for optimal identification and enrollment, the age of your computers, kiosks, servers and other hardware the identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System runs on is important also. Here are some tips to make sure the system runs well in your school.

  1.  If you notice your computer is not functioning optimally, check out these tips from Microsoft support that might be helpful.

  2. Check with your local technical people if you have questions about your computer. 

  3. If you are using computers that are older, it might be time to replace them. Ask your district's technical people for guidance about whether you should replace the computers or not. 

  4. If you are running identiMetrics on an unsupported Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8), there could be unforeseen and unexpected technical issues. It might be time to replace your computers. See the system requirements above when choosing new computers. 


We're here for you if you have any questions.

Please open a support ticket by emailing or call us at 215-836-5640 Ext 2. 

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