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Help Your Friends


Many of our customers have helped their friends and colleagues simplify their school day by telling them all about identiMetrics. Now, when you help your friends learn about identiMetrics, your friends AND identiMetrics will thank YOU!

You scratch our backs & We scratch yours!

School administrators looking for ID solutions to their every day challenges love to see and hear about identiMetrics “in action” from You

Send us a video or images of identiMetrics in action, complete a short Case Study template or write a Testimonial, we send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card to get yourself a little somethin’ somethin’ on us. 


Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy. 

Seriously, who doesn’t want to simplify their school day?
3 best friends.jpg

Help a friend by referring a friend. When your friend makes a purchase, they receive a 20% Discount on their initial purchase. As a Thank You, you receive a 10% Discount on your next purchase of identiMetrics products that’s good for up to 12 months. The more friends you refer, the more discounts you receive!


Cha-ching! That’s real money, y’all!!

Are you a stone cold identiMetrics Super Fan?
Untitled-2 recolor white.jpg

Well, have we got a proposition for you! It is kind of a super-secret, invite only thing, but here’s a hint: identiMetrics makes your Super Fandom VERY rewarding for your school and perhaps even your district – (if you can read between the lines, we’re talking complimentary software and complementary support and basically making your school the envy of any other school in your area).


OH. YEA.  That’s what WE said.


Think you can handle that??  Let’s talk.

Contact Brian Adams at 215.836.5640 x103

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