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Step 2: Deployment Planning

Step 2: Deployment Planning - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just scheduled the Step 2: Deployment Planning Meeting, now what?

A link to join the meeting will be emailed to the person who scheduled the meeting in advance.  If additional people are attending please forward them the meeting link.

  • Should I schedule the rest of the 5 Steps?

No. Each of the 5 Steps build upon one another.  Please ONLY schedule Step 2: Deployment Planning for now.  Your Experts will let you know when the other steps should be scheduled.

  • What is this meeting about?

This is a technical meeting to structure and optimize the identiMetrics installation specific to your organization. Your Biometric Expert will describe how the identiMetrics software works and talk network requirements, hardware and software specifications. You will also discuss enrollment strategies and your Expert will schedule your Step 3: Installation date.

  • Who should attend this meeting?

Your project coordinator, your technical team leader and the technical person who will assist us with the installation. Please include any other person on your team you think should be part of this important meeting. 

Remember, only the person who scheduled the meeting will receive a link to the call.  Please forward that link to all of your attendees.

  • How long is this meeting?

Please plan on one hour for this meeting.

  • Should we bring our finger scanners?

No, this is a planning meeting.  We will install and configure your finger scanners during the Step 3: Installation that will be scheduled with your Expert during this meeting.

If you have questions about the Step 3: Deployment Planning, email  We are happy to assist!

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