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Step 1: Orientation

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This is the Step 1: Orientation of your identiMetrics deployment.  There are three parts to the Step 1: Orientation.

  • Part one - Reading Eden's Welcome Letter & Deployment Overview.

  • Part two - Watching the Step 1: Orientation video.

  • Part three - Downloading the Communication Materials & Privacy Policy Recommendation.

Once you complete all three parts, you can consider yourself officially oriented and move on to Step 2: Deployment Planning.

If you have any questions, just let me know!  I am happy to assist!

We look forward to working with you,


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Part one 

Read Eden's Welcome Letter & Deployment Overview

Part two

Watch the Step 1: Orientation Video 

Part three
  • Download Communication & Connection Materials

Certainly, it’s imperative to communicate, educate and train the people who will be involved in your biometric programs. This is often a weak link in implementing any new technology and implementing biometrics is no different.

Prior to collecting any biometric information, make sure EVERYONE – parents, teachers, students, administrators, school board and media have up to date and accurate information about finger scanning and your biometric program – and why you are implementing it!

However, communication is only part of the equation. Connection is critical – especially when it comes to your parents.

We’re going to say it again (it’s that important!) Connection is critical – especially when it comes to your parents.

Many school administrators assume that parents know how schools work. Unfortunately, just because parents all went to school, doesn’t mean they understand the complexities of operating a school or a school district. You’re going to have to tell them.

In addition, the #1 concern of parents is how any policy affects their child – anything else is secondary. Keep this perspective in mind.

For example, it’s not enough to just say that students need more time to eat. Most parents think you should just make the lunch periods longer. Describe why you need to stay within the current time frame and why this new technology will help speed up the lunch lines so their child will have more time to eat and spend time with their friends.

You know the culture of your community and how to connect with the needs and desires of your parents. Careful attention to communication AND connection will ensure that any new process is transparent and runs smoothly and easily.

We’re here to help. Our collection of COMMUNICATION materials can be used as a starting point, then make it your own so you can CONNECT with the particular needs of your community.

For Parents

For Teachers, Administrators & Colleagues

Opt-Out Form

For Employees using Time Clock

How Finger Scanning Works

See other identiMetrics school's examples

  • Download Privacy Policy Recommendation

Since biometric data will be stored on your network, identiMetrics recommends you create a Privacy Policy. You can use our Recommendation, or develop your own.

  • Watch the Round Table Discussion

Learn from thought leaders from around the country on how they introduced and communicated to their parents, faculty and community about using finger scan biometrics in their schools and districts.  This is a must watch!

Watch time:  46 minutes 19 seconds

If you have questions about the Step 1: Orientation, email  We are happy to assist!

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