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Step 1: Orientation

Welcome to identiMetrics! 
Let's get started!

Hi there! 


This is the Step 1: Orientation of your identiMetrics deployment.  There are three parts to the Step 1: Orientation.

  • Part one - Reading Eden's Welcome Letter & Deployment Overview.

  • Part two - Watching the Step 1: Orientation video.

  • Part three - Downloading the Communication Materials & Privacy Policy Recommendation.

Once you complete all four parts, you can consider yourself officially oriented!

If you have any questions, just let me know!  I am happy to assist!

We look forward to working with you,


215-836-5640 x100

Part one 

Read Eden's Welcome Letter & Deployment Overview

Part two

Watch the Step 1: Orientation Video 

Part three
  • Download Communication Materials

Whether your identiMetrics is for your students or for employee time clock, we strongly recommend communication on the program.  Our communication material can be used as a starting point, then make it your own.  Use email, newsletter, website, US Mail or carrier pigeon to get the word out.  Don't forget to include the "How it Works" document which gives an excellent description of how the software works without using fingerprints.

Parent & Colleague Communication Materials

Employee Communication Materials

See other identiMetrics school's examples

  • Download Privacy Policy Recommendation

Since biometric data will be stored on your network, identiMetrics recommends you create a Privacy Policy. You can use our Recommendation, or develop your own.

  • Watch the Round Table Discussion

Learn from thought leaders from around the country on how they introduced and communicated to their parents, faculty and community about using finger scan biometrics in their schools and districts.  This is a must watch!

Watch time:  46 minutes 19 seconds

If you have questions about the Step 1: Orientation, email  We are happy to assist!

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