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Data Management


Data Management:

Set Up Scheduled Import

Set Up Automated Import

Here is some information to help you set up a scheduled import in  
identiMetrics. There are three simple steps to this set up process.    
Note: Steps 1 and 2 are your responsibility to set up and should be completed before scheduling with us. We will help you with Step 3.   
Step 1: Schedule an export from your SIS or Host Application (you may need their help) 

  • Runs query for specific export (see attached import file cheat sheet for specific details of what information identiMetrics needs) 

  • Names file a name that works for your district (use district's naming convention) 

  • Schedules daily export daily on FTP or SFTP site  

Step 2: You direct the scheduled export to a folder on your district’s network.   

  • Pulls file from FTP site (using a utility for transferring files like FileZilla. Your SIS or host application company may have more options or a specific preference) 

  • Places export into a location on your districts' network for identiMetrics to be able to grab (local to the computer identiMetrics' top level service is installed on works best) 

Step 3: identiMetrics sets up options for the daily scheduled import 

  • Schedule an appointment with us on to set up the scheduled import file.  

  • On Day of the appointment we will log onto the computer with the top level service and set up the import file preferences. 

Set up End-of-Year Process

End-of-Year (EOY) is a process that is run in identiMetrics that ‘promotes’ students from one grade to the next. 

  • This will help you remove students from the database that no longer belong.

  • You should run the End-of-Year Process yourself at the END of the school year before any new import files enter the system.

  • Find out more about the End-of-Year Process and how to set it up. 


Set up End-of-Year Process

We're here for you if you have any questions.

Please open a support ticket by emailing or call us at 215-836-5640 Ext 2. 

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