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Step #4 Enrollment Training Videos

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Enrollment Training
Enrollment Training

This is a full-scale, no holds barred Enrollment Training. Grab your popcorn and a beverage and get ready to learn all the tips, tricks and nuances of enrolling your users!


IMPORTANT!  The result of a good enrollment is years of successful identification - so we strongly recommend taking the time to view this video in it's entirety. 

Here's what's in the video:

  • Printing vs. Scanning

  • Software Tour

  • How to Enroll Users

  • Cleaning the Scanner

  • Next Steps

Watch time:  17 minutes 14 seconds

Forgot to take notes during the video?  No worries! Grab some handy dandy Cheat Sheets to print!

Enrolling Litle Ones
Enrolling Little Ones

The identiMetrics software is designed to enroll and identify our youngest users. However, we need take some extra care in how we enroll them.

Who are the little ones? Pre- K's through 2nd graders.

In this video, we'll take a look how to enroll and identify little ones to save you time and ensure their success.

Watch time:  3 minutes 21 seconds

Creating User Profiles
Creating User Profiles

Creating User Profiles is necessary to prepare for enrollment.

Setting up User Profiles gives you the ability to pick and choose who gets access to the Enrollment Manager and what the Role is of those individuals.

Watch this quick video to learn how - it's fast and easy!

Watch time:  5 minutes 56 seconds

If you have questions about the Step 4: Enrollment Training, email  We are happy to assist!

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